What We do

Financial Auditing

We offer engagement to examine our client’s financial statements and to evaluate the fairness of presentation of the statement in conformity with international standards in Auditing which include a review of the system of internal control and tests of transactions to the extent we believe necessary.

Accounting Services

We offer accounting services to companies, entrepreneurs, small businesses and medium businesses to help them understand the position, potential and financial capacity so that their businesses can grow.

Recruitment and Human Resources Services

Identifying, employing, and training talent to meet our clients’ organizational needs with the objective of providing the resources to overcome the challenges of the dynamic business world. We believe in strengthening the workforce that would create value for the organization and prove to be an unique asset for the future

incorporation services

Our Corporate and Secretarial services cater to the various compliance requirements of our clients. The company secretary is responsible to ensure compliance with the disclosure and information requirements of the Companies Act.

Business consultancy

Our experienced consultants help the companies and business to adopt and incorporate best practices to meet their business challenges and become more financially competitive.


We offer taxation consultancy and solutions for you and your company.

information technology

An effective, well-managed IT system is one of the most valuable business advantages an organization can secure. The right technology, properly implemented, appropriately managed and monitored, can lead to significant gains in growth and efficiency.

OTHERS -Career Counselling, Training, portfolio management services

We also offer career counseling, training and portfolio management.

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