Start up

Start up operations

Operational strategy
This business plan will describe the business operations in 3 distinct phases of early development

Start Up
Starting from Day 1 of operations for a period of 6 months. A typical sales cycle in the services sector lasts approximately 6 months to 9 months. In this period the major activity is business development. Initial recruitment activities can start, but have to be weighed against economic realities.
Business Begins
After the first 6 months, the first sales cycle is coming to a close and the first contracts are signed. The business development activities must continue, but the client assignments must now be resourced, delivered, invoiced, and revenue received.
Cruising Speed
After 2 years, full profitability should be achieved. Sales, recruitment and delivery activities are balanced to manage growth. Additional concerns now need to be addressed, such as talent management, organizational development, strategy review.
The major activities at each stage of operation may include, but not limited , to the following:

  1. Research and analyze firms matching typical client profile within a manageable geographic area.
  2.  Identify competition.
  3.  Identify and develop market differentiators.
  4.  Prepare marketing materials, using internal and external resources.
  5.  Review and develop market differentiators
  6.  Use personal and professional network to establish reputation.
  7.  Attend meetings, conferences as listener and speaker targeted at prospect client
  8.  Exploring web and email marketing options
  9.  Use personal and professional network to establish reputation
  10.  Use client references